WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze Rants About The Divas Division

WWE Hall of Famer Madusa/Alundra Blayze posted on her Instagram account (post featured below) a rather long rant at Nikki Bella among others, as well as her take on the divas division as it stands today.

Her post singles out Nikki Bella for her promo from Raw last Monday, Paige and her “pipebomb” from the week before and puts the divas on notice that she might pop up on a future edition of Raw to teach the divas respect.

Here is her post in full.

Ski’s Take – Madusa isn’t the first and I don’t think she’ll be the last former diva to speak out about the current state of the division. In my eyes she was the first diva to deliver a “pipe bomb” all those years ago when she went on to Nitro and dropped the WWE Women’s Championship in the trash, and with that in mind, she has every right to speak her mind. Watching her talk with Ivory and Molly Holly on last week’s Table for 3 on the WWE Network, she still has the fire and passion for the industry that many still working today don’t possess.

There are some ladies that should take note of what Alundra has said, and use it to push themselves even harder than what they’re doing right now. The whole division is stuck in a rut after the failed experiment of the Revolution and three person factions. It looks like Charlotte will be defending against Nikki and Paige at Hell in a Cell in a few weeks time. Now talent such as Becky, Brie, Alicia, Naomi must be seen to break away from the anonymity and show they are major players, and a threat to Charlotte’s Diva Championship.

Has Madusa lit a fire under certain divas? Or is she just an old timer trying to find a way to be relevant?