WWE Four Horsewomen Comment on Their Past Together, Current WWE and Future Goals

It’s a big edition of WWE Monday Night Raw tonight from Madison Square Garden in New York City. One of the big matches on the show will see Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch teaming up with Charlotte Flair to face Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks. To get fans ready for the match, the four women who WWE like to refer to as the “Four Horsewomen” were interviewed by ESPN. Here are some of the highlights.

First Impressions:

Sasha Banks: “The first one I met was Charlotte Flair. We were in class together doing a drill and our coach told us to lock up and instantly we just snapped — the chemistry was just there. From the instant of the lockup, I knew I would be making magic with her in the future in that ring.”

Charlotte Flair: “The very first time Sasha and I locked up in the ring, [WWE developmental trainer] Sara Del Rey was like, ‘Wow, that’s chemistry.’ I’ll remember that forever.”

Bayley: “Charlotte and Paige took me around and introduced me to everyone at FCW in Tampa. Charlotte was kind of like the leader. Maybe leader isn’t the right word. But I felt like Charlotte was always kind of the mom of the group.”

Becky Lynch: “I was always the underdog, the one that wasn’t the shiny one in the spotlight. I was probably the comedian of the group, I suppose, when we began. The clown, if you will. The one always making jokes and things, trying to be nice to everybody and get along with everybody. Bayley was like that, too.”


Their Fatal 4-Way Match at NXT Takeover: Rival in 2015 as a breakout moment for them:

Flair: “I knew that we were all talented, but when the four of us faced off together I think it was the first time you realized, wow, there are four individual stars with characters, and the depth of the division in NXT at the time and just the chemistry the four of us had together. I think that’s what stood out the most.”

Banks: “I feel like that match is what really put us on the map and how people started calling us The Four Horsewoman. We just wanted to make magic and we wanted people to care. We wanted people to watch our matches and go, ‘Wow, these girls can definitely change the game.’ And now here we are.”

Lynch: “We were there at the beginning of all that stuff when NXT was taking off. We had gone from wrestling in front of 30, 40 people to now we were traveling and selling out any arena or theater we were going to. We were watching NXT grow and The Four Horsewomen was such an important part of that.”

Bayley: “We didn’t necessarily talk to each other about making history or changing anything. It was more just something understood between us.”


The importance of the MSG match on Raw tonight:

Bayley: “The four of us will always be tied together and having a match with all of us in a place like MSG is special. I came up to the main roster last and this is one of the only times we’ve all been in the ring together on the main roster.”

Lynch: “It’s a pretty big moment especially in somewhere like MSG, which is so historical. It’s a whole different kettle of fish now and I’m a whole different woman now.”

Banks: “It’s really crazy to know that I’m gonna be in the ring with these girls that I started with and I haven’t been in the ring with them for a very long time.”

Flair: “Our stories are so intertwined if you go back to the beginning. But I will say for Monday, this is the first time that the four of us have been on Raw together — just the four of us in a solo storyline.”


Their future in WWE:

Bayley: “They’ve all been champions and they probably will be champions again. But now it’s me. I don’t think any of us are content or satisfied, even though we’ve achieved so much.”

Lynch: “Just more main events. Just constantly main eventing and generating interest, whether it’s the main event or not. And that’s what we’re doing. Look, that’s all I’ve ever wanted — for women’s wrestling to be the coolest thing on TV, for people to be talking, for people to have opinions, for people to be so invested they can’t miss our matches.”

Banks: “I want to main event every pay-per-view, I want to main event every TV, I want to main event every house show. I want it just like as the guys do — I want to have it all. I’m never gonna be satisfied. Even when I get that, I’m gonna want more. That’s just the kind of person that I am.”

Flair: “I hope the future holds the four of us in a Fatal Four-Way in the main event of WrestleMania. That’s what I hope the future holds. I’m not saying it’s this year, next year, the next or the next after that. But eventually I truly believe that the Fatal Four-Way will be a main event match at WrestleMania.”

To read the full interview covering more topics, check it out on ESPN right here.

TJR Thoughts: That’s a big goal by Flair at the end, but I like the way they are thinking. Clearly, the four of them are going to be linked together in WWE for many more years and I’m excited to see what the future holds for all of them.