WWE: Finn Balor Talks Not Being In A Hurry To Leave NXT, Jordan & Gable, and more

NXT Champion Finn Balor recently appeared as a guest on “The Taz Show: Bodyslams & Beyond.” During his interview, Balor discussed various topics including; the lifestyle adjustments he had to make upon arriving in NXT, the NXT tag team of Jason Jordan and Chad Gable blowing him away, not being in a rush to get on WWE’s main roster, and why he loves his ‘demon’ body point.

Balor’s comments on the transitions he’s had to make upon joining WWE/NXT and living in the United States:

“It was a lot of adjusting, not only to life at the (WWE) Performance Center, which is like a whole different kettle of fish than the dojos I’m used to, but just the whole adjusting to living in the United States. I was used to living at home in Ireland, which is pretty peaceful, (or) Japan, as its own little thing, and then down here in Florida, which is another completely different kind of environment, so (I have undergone) not only transitions in the ring, but a lot of transitions outside the ring too.”

Balor’s thoughts on the improvements he’s seen in the NXT roster, especially from Jason Jordan and Chad Gable:

“The growth that a lot of the boys have shown in the last year since I got here is just unbelievable. The likes of like Jason Jordan (and) Chad Gable, they’re two guys that, in the last year, have blown me away with their growth.”

From the sound of it, Balor has enjoyed his time in NXT immensely and he’s in no hurry to step away from it just yet:

“A lot of people keep bringing up that question, this ‘when are you getting called up to the quote, unquote main roster?’, but I really believe that the stuff we’re doing down at NXT is going to go down in history as a period of time that has changed the sports entertainment business and I want to be here in NXT and be a part of what we’re doing right now because it really does feel like something special. And there’s this real kind of camaraderie among the boys, (and) really, like, team effort. And it’s something that I’m not in a hurry to step away from. I’m here for the long haul. A lot of people are kind of always focused on what’s coming next and trying to get on to the next thing, but I’m very much living in the moment here at NXT and I’m happy to be flying the flag as NXT Champion.”

Balor’s comments on being a fan of art and expressing himself through his demonic body paint:

“Honestly, I’m just a fan of art. I’m a fan of expressionism. I’m a fan of changing things on the fly. I’m a fan of just going with the flow and being in the moment and that’s really what the demon is for me. It just kind of helps me channel, kind of, maybe an inner, darker side. People accuse me of being kind of too nonchalant or too laid back and too introverted and I feel like the demon definitely helps me bring a different side of my personality out.”

Mark’s reaction:

Although Balor says he’s not in a hurry to step away from NXT, he traveled with the main roster this weekend for house shows (he has done so in the past too) and rumor has it he’ll be up on the main roster before WrestleMania 32. With all the recent injuries plaguing WWE’s roster, now would be as good of a time as any to call up Balor and make his presence known in a big way. Even though Balor sounds like he’s having a blast in NXT, his response was a very safe one as he was pretty much saying how he just likes to live in the moment and take things as they come. He doesn’t want to sound like he’s ungrateful for his current position in NXT which is smart. He knows he’s just as good as anyone else in the WWE and it’s just a matter of time before it’s his turn in the spotlight. Living in the moment, enjoying it, and taking things as they come is a nice outlook for Balor to have.

I liked the Jordan and Gable nod Balor gave as they’re quickly becoming my second favorite WWE team behind the New Day. They’ve got a ton of talent and I’d really like to see them on Raw soon. It’ll probably be a little while longer as I’m guessing WWE wants them to develop their characters more before moving them up. However, like Balor said, they’re growing as a team very quickly and I don’t expect them to slow down (please don’t get injured).

The demon body paint is awesome; I’m a big fan of it. It’s been a while since he’s broken it out, but I think we’ll be seeing it again on the NXT Takeover show in London next month. I like how he only does it for particular shows because it always makes those shows feel a little more special to me. Plus, it’s one of the coolest entrances in wrestling.

Are you a fan of Finn Balor, why or why not? Would you like to see Finn on the main roster before WrestleMania 32 rolls around, or do you want to see him hang out in NXT longer? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.