WWE: Explanation For Why Steve Austin Isn’t Hosting Shane McMahon Podcast

This past Tuesday, it was announced that Mick Foley would be interviewing Shane McMahon in an exciting “Tell-All” podcast to be available only on the WWE Network on Monday, May 23, immediately following Raw. The news raised a lot of eyebrows as usually Steve Austin hosts the podcast specials on the Network (or Chris Jericho), but Foley was given this noteworthy interview.

We now have clarification for Austin’s absence, from the Hardcore Legend himself’s Twitter.

Looks like we’ll have to hear what Austin himself says on Thursday regarding the podcast.

Analysis: Nothing to see here, folks. Just some scheduling conflicts (it seems). I’m happy Foley cleared things up quickly, so any questions about the hosting choice wouldn’t overshadow what could be one of the most intriguing podcast specials yet. Still, Austin’s tweet is just vague enough to leave a skeptical eye open towards, though.

Regarding the podcast itself, hopefully Foley is allowed and chooses to ask provocative questions for Shane O’Mac, who must have a myriad of stories and tidbits he could share with the WWE Universe. Perhaps including more details surrounding his departure from WWE in 2009.

What kind of questions do you hope Foley throws at Shane? Do you think Austin not being a part of it hurts the podcast? Let us know below in the comments.

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