WWE: Eva Marie Lands Acting Role In Nicolas Cage Movie, “Inconceivable”

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that WWE star, Eva Marie, will appear in Nicolas Cage’s new thriller, “Inconceivable,” also starring Faye Dunaway. Few details have emerged just yet about Eva Marie’s role, but the film centers around untrustworthy nannies working with young children. The news breaks in the midst of her ongoing suspension due to a Wellness Policy suspension — she’s due back on WWE television on September 18.

It is worth noting that in Entertainment Weekly’s post about the project, Eva Marie was billed as Natalie Eva — her professional name — rather than her WWE moniker. They also chose to highlight her appearance in E!’s “Total Divas,” rather than mentioning her work in the WWE. Assuming she keeps the role, this will be Eva Marie’s first movie role, and her first acting gig outside of “Total Divas.”

The movie, currently in pre-production, is set to begin filming in October.

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