WWE & ESPN – Major Announcement On Tuesday?

Jonathan Coachman, current ESPN analyst and former WWE announcer, posted some teasing comments on Twitter on Sunday night. Below are his teasing tweets.

It was major news earlier this year when ESPN took over coverage of this year’s SummerSlam PPV with live reports from the Brooklyn. There is a coincidence that a big announcement with ESPN is planned for the same day WWE releases travel packages for WrestleMania 32, so the odds do point to another partnership for next year’s massive event in Arlington, Texas.

Ski’s Take – As many of you may know, I live across the pond in merry old England. When the Summerslam/ESPN announcement was made I was very excited. Even here the stigma that being a wrestling fan exists, but seeing a major network like ESPN not only promote but report from the event, was big news. It showed that maybe the stigma was receding, that not only WWE but wrestling was finally being accepted into the mainstream culture.

I watched the interview that Brock Lesnar held to announce he was staying with WWE and not going back to UFC, I saw most of the proceedings on ESPN from SummerSlam this year, and I felt that maybe the industry had turned a corner. With this possible announcement of another team up again at next year’s Wrestlemania, I think it could finally be the last turning point to losing the stigma that wrestling un-rightfully holds.

A major news outlet talking about and reporting from not just the NXT event, the Hall Of Fame proceedings, and Wrestlemania itself, but the extra good work that the company does in the days before it. The reading challenges, hospital visits, granting Make A Wish events, pumping millions of dollars into a local economy. I have high hopes that come April 4th next year, I can talk about wrestling with work colleagues and not get ushered into a corner by myself like I normally do.