WWE: Dean Ambrose & Renee Young Got Married at 1 AM by a Pastor from Yelp

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young got married two and a half weeks ago. On the April 10 edition of Monday Night Raw, many people noticed that Ambrose was wearing a ring on his ring finger, which lead to Ambrose and Young confirming that they did in fact get married.

This news hit fans out ofno where. If two WWE Superstars were to get married, especially if those two were Ambrose and Young, fans would most likely hear about it either through internet reports or from WWE promoting it on their social media accounts. However, that was not the case and it’s because Ambrose and Young’s marriage came as a surprise to them too.

Young explained to E! News that they were going to bed when Ambrose proposed. They decided to get married right away, so on Sunday, April 9 at 1:00 am they found a 24-hour pastor on Yelp to come to their backyard and marry them. Young explained:

“We were going to bed! We were going to bed and he like busted out the ring and we were like, ‘Oh man I guess we should do this now.’ So we ended up going on Yelp and we found a 24-hour pastor to come to our backyard. It was so handy and his name was Pastor Pete and he lived around the corner from us, so he was there. They were very concerned by the way because it was 1 o’clock in the morning, so technically it was Sunday and they were very concerned about us calling, they were like, ‘Is everything OK? Have you guys been drinking? What’s happening?’ We’re like, ‘It’s fine, you can come down.’ So we had to get a witness and we called and woke up a friend of ours and got it done.”

Since Ambrose and Young live in Las Vegas, Young said they’ve been wanting to have a low-key, spur of the moment Vegas wedding. Young also said how surprised she was that so many people noticed the ring on Amrbose’s finger, which she mentioned was actually an elastic hairband.

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