WWE Reportedly Using Controversial New Recruitment Directive

WWE HQ Exterior

According to a new report, WWE has introduced a recruitment policy which means that women will only enter a developmental deal if they are under a certain age.

WWE recently released an astonishing 18 WWE Superstars released from their contracts, including big names such as Keith Lee, Nia Jax, and Karrion Kross. The promotion cited ‘budget cuts’ as the rationale for this newest round of releases.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has now reported that the promotion is making changes to its recruitment policy, specifically that a new directive has been issued which will see prospective female stars only being recruited if they are 25 or under.

“Age is also likely a part in many of the decisions because the company is well aware that they don’t have enough talent in their 20s on television and are looking at recruiting bigger, younger and people with more of a legitimate athletic background going forward. The new directives on hiring new women is the recommendations are 25 or younger.”

The report also states that, from 2022, new signings will be hired for 60-day trials, unless they are seen as “top prospects:”

“There is also talk that of those being signed by WWE starting in the new year, that they will, except the top prospects, be signed to 60-day trial contracts to see the rate they improve at. If they don’t show improvement, they won’t be signed to full-time deals.”

The news comes soon after one of the released stars, NXTs Franky Monet, took to Twitter to blast one user’s ageist comments about who WWE should hire.