WWE Confirms Rusev’s Injury and When He Will Return

This past Wednesday’s (10/28) edition of WWE Main Event saw Rusev square off against Neville. The match ended unceremoniously as Neville was declared the winner after Rusev was deemed unable to continue. The former United States Champion was seen holding his arm during and after the match. There was much speculation as to whether this was a legitimate injury or not. Today World Wrestling Entertainment issued the following statement regarding the Rusev’s current status:

“Rusev sustained a proximal bicep tendon rupture during his match with Neville at the WWE Main Event tapings Tuesday night, can confirm. The match was called due to the injury, and the former U.S. Champion’s recovery time is currently slated at three to four weeks.”

The twenty-ninth annual WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view event takes place on Sunday, November 22. It is definitely possible that Rusev may be ready to compete again by this time. However, it seems unlikely that he would be on the card since having him compete at Survivor Series would be cutting it very close and there would most likely be other matches already set in place.

Rusev jokingly tweeted about his injury:

Mark’s reaction:

I figured Rusev was injured as matches like the one he had with Neville on WWE Main Event don’t usually end the way theirs did. Although the injury is unfortunate, the time off that comes with it could be just what Rusev’s character needed. Once his engagement with Lana was reported on by TMZ, his current angle with Summer Rae and Dolph Ziggler was abandoned completely (as it should have been a long time ago). Rusev was teaming with Sheamus and King Barrett in six-man tag team matches to what seemed to me as just filler until the WWE figures out what they want to do with the Bulgarian Brute.

I’m not quite sure when WWE plans on bringing Lana back to television, but maybe now they can have Rusev return after a month or so with a heel Lana by his side again. Both Lana and Rusev work better together and since its public knowledge that they’re engaged, it just makes sense to pair them back up with each other.

Did you like Rusev’s de facto faction with Sheamus and King Barrett? Would you like to see Rusev return with Lana? Do you care for Rusev at all? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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