CM Punk Comments On Wrestling For WWE Again: “Absolutely Not” & More!

Former WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on ESPN’s Russillo & Kanell Show this week to discuss his long-anticipated upcoming UFC debut, set to occur in September. The man behind the “Pipebomb” promo talked about several topics beyond the UFC, including Daniel Bryan’s retirement as well as the often speculated rumor of CM Punk one day returning to the WWE.

On Daniel Bryan’s retirement:

“Even if I hated the guy, I’d hate to see him get hurt, but I love the guy. And it’s a bum way to go out, you know what I mean? Living is more important than silly pro wrestling, so I’m glad he’s alive. It sucks that he can’t do what he wants to do, but he’ll find something else to do. The smart ones always do.”

On a potential return to the WWE:

“No, I don’t think so. But, you know, it is one of those “Never say never” things. I just like to cover all my bases, just so some Internet dweeb isn’t gonna be like, “You said you’d never wrestle again!” But, WWE? No. Absolutely not. But, you know, you never know. I could pop up here and there.”

Punk clarified on what his prospective return to wrestling would be like:

“Let me explain that to you even better. It’s not going to be something televised. It’s gonna be like, me in a ninja fucking outfit, wrestling one of my buddies, and nobody’s ever gonna know, you know? It’s going to be very “Monty Python,” so to speak.”


Mike’s Take: I don’t think CM Punk is coming back, guys. I’ll tell my fellow Chicagoans to stop with the chants at all the shows we go to. Damn.

I still enjoy when Punk talks about whatever topics, to be honest, regardless if he’s bitterly bringing up his past in wrestling, correcting someone’s grammar or tweeting about the Blackhawks and Cubs. I’ll always be a CM Punk fan. That being said, as someone who hasn’t watched anything to do with UFC that didn’t feature Ronda Rousey in his life, I can assume he’ll get his ass kicked — if that fight actually happens. But good for him for doing something he wants to do on his own accord.

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