WWE: Chris Jericho Comments On Fan Going To Jail

In a follow up to a story we covered earlier today (click here to read), the fan that jumped the railing at last Sunday’s WWE Night of Champions event has been charged with criminal trespass of a property or building with no forced entry. The man in question, Oscar Ramirez of Houston, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 days jail time.

Chris Jericho tweeted the following about the incident.

Ski’s Take – I think Jericho tweeted what the talent and officials backstage, and genuine fans, actually thought. It’s not often I’m 100% behind the decisions that Vince and co make, but I am on this one.

With this one act, I sincerely hope that this now disparages fans worldwide from jumping the barrier. Fans pay their money to be entertained by the wrestlers themselves, not make their own entertainment and become part of the show they have come to see. And I also believe that John Canton is right with his opinion that this needs to become mainstream news on their website and to sites like TMZ too. Get the word out there that WWE will not accept this anymore.