WWE Champion Sheamus On ESPN – Talks ISIS Threat, Roman Reigns, TLC And More

New WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus joined Jonathan Coachman for the Off The Top Rope segment on ESPN’s SportsCenter last night.

Coach asked Sheamus about the reports that surfaced over the weekend about a potential ISIS terrorist attack at the Survivor Series PPV that was taking place at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta GA. Sheamus replied by saying that WWE took the threat very seriously and worked with all possible agencies over that weekend to ensure safety for the talent and the public. He also commented that WWE have beefed up security at live events and there is no safer place that a WWE event at the moment.

Conversation soon turned to Sheamus winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series, and what it means to be the only Irish born WWE superstar to win the title. Sheamus said that the Irish are the hardest hitting athletes in the world and was incredibly proud to be Irish. He also name dropped into the conversation NXT Champion Finn Balor and UFC Interim Featherweight Champion Connor McGregor.

Sheamus has been seen recently with the Notre Dame college football team and he said how they have welcomed him with open arms and plans on being on their sidelines with his WWE World Heavyweight Championship as Notre Dame win the national championship this year. He said there’s no better time to be Irish and he is literally beaming with Irish pride right now.

The interview finishes with Coach asking Sheamus how he’s going to prepare for his TLC match against Roman Reigns at the TLC PPV airing from the TD Garden, Boston MA. Sheamus replied by saying that you no way to prepare for the match itself, but he knows there will be chaos and agony. There will be bumps and bruises but he’s climbing that ladder and taking his title home with him. He can’t think of a better way to spend Christmas than to have the title beside him as he prepares to eat his Christmas dinner.

Ski’s Take – I heard an interview recently where Jim Ross was trying to put across how to be a heel in this day and age. How they have to come across as vicious and dastardly in the ring, a win at no costs mentality, and when outside the ring how they have to keep that persona but toned down enough to do interviews to promote the company and upcoming events. I get the feeling that Sheamus was too nice in that interview, too respectful, and not “heel-ish” enough. Yes it’s great to hear about proud he is about being the champ again, but what I want to hear is more boastfulness from him. How Roman doesn’t have a snowflake in hell’s chance of beating him at TLC next month, how he will destroy him….Basically old school heel actions.

Will it be enough to start a turnaround of fortunes for WWE if he did? I’m not sure, but it’ll be a start. Something to show the paying audience that they are listening and are trying to change things for the better.