WWE: Bubba Ray Dudley Talks Paul Heyman Managing The Dudley Boyz & More

Bubba Ray Dudley recently spoke with Star Sport about various topics including: possibly reuniting with Paul Heyman on WWE television, working with NXT tag teams soon, if Spike Dudley will return, and if he plans on having a singles run in WWE.

The following are excerpts from that interview.

Do you see yourself aligning with Paul Heyman in the near future or perhaps in 2016?

Everybody likes to talk about Paul Heyman and Paul Heyman guys. Everyone in the wrestling world knows me and D-Von are original Paul Heyman guys.

We will always have a bond and a link to Paul. As of right now his number one priority is Brock Lesnar and our number one priority is winning back the WWE Tag Team Championships for a 10th time.

If it was in his best interested to align himself with us and if it is our best interests to align ourselves with him you never know, it could happen. And I think Paul Heyman with a stable of Brock Lesnar and The Dudley Boyz would be as unstoppable as anything that is out there right now.

Is there a tag team from NXT you can see yourself working with in the future?

I don’t get to really watch it too often but I hear there are some great up and coming teams down there like Big Cass and Enzo and Dawson and his partner.

So I hear there’s some really quality teams down there and we look forward to possibly getting in the ring with them one day.

Do you think we will see the return of Spike Dudley any time soon?

A lot of fans in the WWE Universe are always asking us about Spike. He’s basically retired. He’s at home and has a family but I think he does have one more match left in him so if the opportunity presented itself and it was the totally right time I think we could always rely on calling our brother Spike to come and help us.

Do you see yourself having a singles run in the WWE before you retire after the success you had in TNA with the Bully Ray character?

I don’t really think that far ahead when it comes to that. We’ve been back in the WWE for six or seven months. I never got into wrestling to be a singles wrestler.

I always wanted to be part of a team and a very successful team. Bully Ray was something that I did because I just wanted to give it a try and it worked really, really well.

If the opportunity ever presented itself in the WWE to have someone like Bully Ray on the roster I would definitely listen to what they had to say.

Bubba goes on to talk about WrestleMania 32, fighting for a big match on the card and wanting to put Hilary Clinton through a table (…yeah, you read that correctly). If you’d like to check out this interview in its entirety, here is part 1 and part 2.

Mark’s reaction: I would love it if Paul Heyman managed The Dudley Boyz. Due to the lack of managers in WWE, Heyman is usually the go to guy whenever there’s talks about giving someone or some team a manager. I don’t think Heyman is the solution to every managerial need. Instead of just saying “Heyman should be their manager” there should be an active effort to create and bring new managers into wrestling. A good manager can do wonders for a wrestler and Heyman isn’t always the answer.

However, Heyman makes total sense in the case of The Dudley Boyz. With all the history between those three men, it would only be natural for Heyman to manage them. It would be great to hear him constantly brag about how he created the most decorated tag team in history. Bubba is a great talker and would do a fine job as the mouthpiece for the team, but Heyman can take the group to another level, especially since they’re now heels. Heel Paul Heyman managing a heel Dudley Boyz would make for a despicable trio.

In regards to doing a solo Bully Ray character in WWE, I’m not interested in seeing that. He did a great job in that role during his time with TNA, but the main roster is just too loaded with singles talent. The tag team division could use a great heel tag team (Kevin Owens type heel, not jokey New Day heel) that are a serious threat and The Dudley Boyz are that tag team.

Would you like to see Paul Heyman manage The Dudley Boyz? Do you think a Bubba Ray Dudely singles push in WWE can work? Leave any of your thoughts in the comment section below.