WWE: Brock Lesnar Facing Sheamus Next; List Of Appearances Through March 2016

WWE recently announced that Brock Lesnar will be facing off against Sheamus on January 8, 2016 at a WWE live event from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. This decision to have Lesnar perform on January 8 could have been done do build excitement in the Texas area for when WrestleMania 32 arrives in April. The following is an updated list of 2016 WWE events through March that Lesnar will be appearing at:

January 8: WWE Live Event from Houston, Texas

January 11: WWE Raw from New Orleans, Louisiana

February 6: WWE Live Event from San Jose, California

February 8: WWE Raw from Seattle, Washington

March 14: WWE Raw from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It is worth mentioning that although Brock Lesnar is scheduled to appear on these dates, he can very well be appearing on more.

Mark’s reaction: I fully expect Brock to be appearing on a few more Monday Night Raw’s before WrestleMania 32 rolls around. It’s also nice to see him wrestling at more live events. It helps make the WWE’s house shows feel a little more special and important.

Similar to these live events, I’d like to see Lesnar actually wrestle on some of the Raw’s he appears on. I get excited to hear that he’s showing up on these Raw’s because I know there will most likely be something important happening (i.e. we could get a cool brawl); however, my excitement is always kind of lessened because I know we won’t get to see him actually wrestle. Sure he’ll probably deliver a couple F-5’s or so, but I remember plenty of Raw’s in the past where Lesnar just showed up to stand in the ring while Heyman spoke on his behalf. It would be fun to see a Brock Lesnar match advertised for Raw a week or so in advance.

I know Cesaro’s currently out of commission, but just as an example, how cool would it be to have a Lesnar/Cesaro match advertised as a Raw main event? Yes, we pretty much know Cesaro won’t be winning, but in 2015 he was being used to lose most matches anyway. At least we know we’d get a great match out of it. Just some food for thought.

Are you guys excited for these Brock Lesnar appearances? Would you like to see some Lesnar matches on Raw or do you think it’s pointless since you know he’d never lose if it’s not on a PPV? If you’d like to see some Lesnar matches on Raw, who would you like to see him face? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.