WWE: Brock Lesnar Appearing At Monday’s Raw

Brock Lesnar will be at Monday night’s episode of WWE Raw in Boston, according to a confirmed report from PWInsider early this morning.

At this point, WWE hasn’t advertised it yet although they might because his presence will likely help Raw’s sagging ratings. As we reported yesterday, Raw hit new lows this week in the ratings, so WWE has decided to bring in Lesnar.

October is being billed as Lesnar’s “Go To Hell” tour with a match against Big Show at Madison Square Garden on Saturday that will be on WWE Network. They could promote his Raw appearance on that show.

Lesnar’s also scheduled for Raw in Dallas on October 19 and after Raw that night he’ll be on the Stone Cold Podcast on WWE Network. Then on October 25, he will headline the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (also on WWE Network) against The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match.

JC’s Take: While a Lesnar appearance is a positive step in the right direction, WWE needs to do more than just have him appear. They should put him in a match or have The Undertaker show up to brawl with him like they did prior to SummerSlam. WWE has made the mistake of simply putting Lesnar in the ring, have him stand there for five minutes and say nothing while Paul Heyman talks the entire time. Heyman’s the best talker in WWE, but there needs to be more than that.

The reason I suggest a match is because Lesnar hasn’t had a match on Raw in over a decade and perhaps that is something fans would tune in for. I don’t even care if it’s a three minute squash match. Just do something different from the normal Raw formula.

Will there be any storyline continuity involving Lesnar and Kane? I’m not sure. Lesnar is the one that took him out a few months ago by injuring his ankle, but with both guys in a babyface role there probably won’t be a physical altercation. Lesnar could go after Seth Rollins since their issues were never resolved although WWE will likely want Lesnar to focus on Undertaker.

Get ready Boston because Suplex City is coming to town.