WWE Backstage Recap from Dec. 10 with CM Punk’s Rusev/Lana Storyline Idea, King Corbin and More (VIDEO)

The WWE Backstage show took place last night on Fox Sports 1 at 11pmET from Fox Studios in Los Angeles. The show featured the usual hosts Renee Young, Booker T and Paige. They were joined by recurring co-host CM Punk making his second appearance as a panelist and Baron Corbin was the in-studio WWE superstar guest.

The WWE on Fox Youtube channel does a great job of posting clips from the show in case you missed it in the US or you live in another country (like me in Canada) that doesn’t get WWE Backstage on television.

At one point during the show, CM Punk had an idea for the Rusev storyline with Lana and Bobby Lashley. Here’s a transcript courtesy of WrestlingInc of what Punk’s idea was and Punk also tweeted about it.

CM Punk: “They have a match, they have a blow-off. I don’t think Rusev wants to be involved with Lana anymore on-screen. So, Lana and Bobby go off and do their thing, but Lana grinds on the nerves, Bobby is sick of her. He leaves Lana too, they have another divorce. She gets another tag team to go after Bobby and Rusev, who have become best friends because they have the familiar: the ex-wife. This new tag team with Lana in tow go after them. What they do at WrestleMania, they put Lana in a shark cage because by WrestleMania the new tag team is already so sick of Lana that the loser of the match gets what’s in the shark cage. We can continue it past WrestleMania! I don’t know if we’re still doing shows in Saudi Arabia, but Lana in Saudi Arabia, I’ve got ideas for that too, come at me after the show!”

Here’s the clip of that.

Here’s a clip of the panel talking about the Seth Rollins heel turn on Raw with Punk commenting that Rollins isn’t good at being the “good guy” aka a babyface. Punk said he was also leery of seeing a Shield-like group. Booker T and Paige also liked the idea of Rollins being a heel.

The panel discussed the ending of Smackdown with Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler pouring dog food on Roman Reigns while Reigns was cuffed to the ring post. Punk thought that it was a good segment in terms of getting heat on Corbin and Ziggler while saying the heels need to do bad things like that.

King Corbin joined the panel for an interview segment that went nearly ten minutes. Corbin was in a suit because he probably didn’t bring his “king” gear. Corbin said he loved being a top bad guy (heel) on Smackdown and he loved irritating people. Punk said it was a lot easier to be a bad guy and it’s hard to get the fans to love you. Punk noted that if you are a good enough bad guy, the fans may love you. Corbin said it is hard to be a good guy and his job is to help the good guy. Corbin commented that he has seen little kids cry and even grown adults react to him, so it’s always funny to him. Corbin said that wrestling fans on Twitter are the easiest to piss off.

Corbin said this is the job that puts food on his table and he noted that when fans hated his ring gear, he knew he had to keep wearing it. Punk and Corbin talked about the pride they had in being a bad guy. Punk said he knew it was real dog food and Corbin confirmed that it was 100% real dog food. Corbin talked about the special moment he had with The Rock (on the first Smackdown on Fox) and how it was such a cool moment for him. Corbin commented that he has to repay The Rock with a beating. Good luck with that. Here’s that video.

Here’s a video with Finn Balor talking about his TLC 2017 match against AJ Styles that was an impromptu match that happened due to Bray Wyatt being unable to wrestle that night. The panel also talked about the match while Paige told the story about when she beat AJ Lee (CM Punk’s wife) for the Divas Title in 2014 on her first day on the main roster. CM Punk told a story about being at a house show when he wrestled Chavo Guerrero for 55 minutes because other wrestlers weren’t at the building due to weather issues.

This is a clip with former NFL Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart, who is more known for his college football career at USC, talking with Baron Corbin about their time on the Cardinals together. Leinart works for Fox’s college football pre-game show.

That’s all of the highlights from this week’s WWE Backstage show. It airs every Tuesday night at 11pmET on Fox Sports 1. Thanks for reading.