WWE Announces “Talking Smack” Show For WWE Network

There’s another new show coming to WWE Network related to the brand split. This time it’s a post game show for Smackdown starting tonight.

Here’s more info from about it:

Can’t get enough SmackDown Live? Tonight at 10 p.m. ET /7 p.m. PT, WWE Network presents the premiere of “WWE Talking Smack,” the exciting new weekly post-SmackDown Live show filled with exclusive interviews and expert analysis.

Take a special look inside everything Team Blue and find out how each week’s episode will affect the spirited competition with Monday Night Raw.

There’s no word on who will be talking on the show, but the pre-show has Scott Stanford, Jerry Lawler and Lita on it, so it will probably be them.

Also, it’s not known if there will be a Raw post game show. Since Raw ends an hour later, maybe WWE feels like there’s no need for it since it’s a three hour show compared to two hours for Smackdown.

TJR Thoughts: Nothing wrong with adding more content for WWE fans although I can’t see myself watching it most weeks.

As for the “Talking Smack” name it might be familiar if you have been reading my stuff for a while because that’s the name I used for Smackdown reviews in 2009/10. Don’t worry, WWE, I’m not going to sue you. I “borrowed” the Raw Deal from their card game anyway. I guess we’re even!