WWE Announces Booker T as Temporary Raw Announcer for Six Weeks

It was announced by WWE on Friday that Booker T will fill in for David Otunga on the Raw commentary team over the next weeks. The reason Otunga will be off of Raw is because, as we reported yesterday, he’s filming a movie. Here’s the post about it.

Shucky ducky, quack quack.

While new Raw commentator David Otunga is spending the next six weeks shooting “Katrina,” an upcoming action film, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T will be temporarily joining Michael Cole and Corey Graves at the Team Red announce desk.

The change comes mere days after the Superstar Shake-up moved Otunga from the SmackDown LIVE broadcast team to Raw, while the red brand’s Byron Saxton went to Team Blue. Booker, a longtime former SmackDown commentator and frequent Kickoff panelist, will now bring his insight — and unending supply of catchphrases — to Monday night’s hottest show until Otunga returns to WWE TV in late May.

Booker T on Raw? We can dig that, suckaaaaaa! Don’t miss Booker T’s return to commentary this Monday night on Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network.

Congrats to Booker on the promotion…for at least six weeks.

Analysis: Booker used to be a television announcer, so he has experience in the role and is familiar with the product. I think he’s better at it than Otunga and he has a lot more credibility than Otunga as well. I’m not sure why WWE thinks Otunga should be the guy in that spot, but that’s what they do.