WCW Legend Juventud Guerrera Debuting In AEW Next Week

Jericho Juventud Guerrera

Former WWE, WCW and ECW star Juventud Guerrera will make his AEW debut on next week’s episode of Dynamite, renewing his classic WCW rivalry with Chris Jericho.

Jericho is currently enduring a series of “labors of Jericho” that he has to survive in order to receive a one-on-one bout against nemesis MJF. Juventud Guerrera will be the third of these.

Jericho has previously overcome labors against Shawn Spears and Nick Gage, surviving a brutal death match against the latter in last night’s Dynamite headliner.

Gage and Jericho utilized panes of glass, light tubes, chairs and even a pizza cutter in their brutal and bloody contest. Despite being on the receiving end of a piledriver on broken glass, the ‘Demo God’ somehow eventually pulled out the win.

With Gage about to hit Jericho over the head with a bundle of light tubes, Jericho spat green mist in Gage’s face. This allowed him to use the tubes and then hit the Judas Effect to pick up the win.

Immediately after the match ended, MJF once again took to the ramp to announce Jericho’s next challenge. Next week Jericho can only win after hitting a move from the top rope when he takes on decades old rival Juventud Guerrera.

The Mexican flyer first came to prominence in the United States with a short stint in ECW before arriving in WCW in 1996. During his time with the company Guerrera won the Cruiserweight Championship three times.

Guerrera and Jericho enjoyed a heated rivalry through early 1998, with the pair squaring off in a mask vs. title match at SuperBrawl VIII. On that occasion, Jericho won, forcing the Mexican to unmask for the first time. However, Guerrera got revenge later in the year, defeating Jericho to capture his second WCW Cruiserweight Championship.