WATCH: WWE “WrestleMania by the Numbers” Video, Full Review Included

World Wrestling Entertainment released a video on Youtube, and their social media platforms called “WrestleMania by the Numbers” narrated by Scott Stanford. It’s about six minutes, so there’s a lot to cover and also a lot that they left out due to there being 34 WrestleMania prior to this year. I took some notes on it because I consider myself a WrestleMania historian since I have reviewed every WrestleMania ever in great detail. I’ll post the video at the end of this post.

What I’ll do here is hit on some of the interesting stats that WWE included in the video covering the first 34 years of WrestleMania:

– More than 1.6 Million people have seen WrestleMania live and in person.

– Triple H has the most losses in WrestleMania history with 13. They didn’t mention it in the video, but Triple H has 9 wins, so his WrestleMania record is 9-13.

– The record for most wins at WrestleMania belongs to The Undertaker, who is 24-2 and he also has the most WrestleMania matches with 26. They also mentioned that his streak of 21 consecutive WrestleMania wins may be the most untouchable record in WWE history. I agree with that.

It wasn’t mentioned in the video, but this year’s WrestleMania will mean 23 matches for Triple H, so he will be only three WrestleMania matches behind Undertaker, who is not in a match this year…unless that happens next Sunday without being advertised.

– The longest match in WrestleMania history was Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart in an Ironman Match at WrestleMania 12 when they wrestled for 61:52. It was Michaels’ first time as WWE Champion.

– The shortest match in WrestleMania history was six seconds when The Rock beat Erick Rowan at WrestleMania 32. King Kong Bundy beat SD Jones in 24 seconds at WrestleMania 1, which was the record until Kane beat Chavo Guerrero in 11 seconds at WrestleMania 24. That lasted for eight WrestleManias when The Rock set the record.

– There have been 407 people that have competed in matches at WrestleMania. That includes Michael Cole. The video didn’t mention that, but I did. You’re welcome.

– They mentioned wrestlers that had their first WWE match at WrestleMania: Tenryu and Kitao at WM7, Big E and Fandango at WM29, Sting at WM31 (way to put over that young guy Triple H!), Baron Corbin at WM32 and even Nicholas at WM34. Also, last year at WM34 was Ronda Rousey’s WWE debut.

Saying Fandango made his WWE debut at WM29 is ridiculous because he wrestled as Johnny Curtis for several years before that. A new gimmick name shouldn’t really mean a debut, but in WWE world it does.

– The longest gap between WrestleMania appearances in history is Tatanka at 23 years from when he wrestled at WM9 in 1993 to when he appeared in the WrestleMania battle royal at WM32 in 2016.

– Out of 35 WWE Title matches at WrestleMania, there have been 22 title changes. That means there has been a title change for about 63% of the WWE Title matches at WrestleMania.

That’s a recap of the whole video. They probably could have made it five times longer if they wanted and covered a lot more stats, but it was still interesting to see what they put together here. You can watch the full video below.