Wade Barrett Comments on Possibly Wrestling Again in WWE, How Long He Would Need to Train, More

Wade Barrett returned to WWE this year after four years away from the company. When Barrett left in 2016, he was a wrestler and now he’s an announcer. However, now at 40 years old, the former 5-time Intercontinental Champion Barrett feels like he can compete again if the opportunity comes up. Barrett was interviewed by BT Sport, who asked about possibly wrestling in WWE again.

Barrett noted that pro wrestlers are never really done because there are always comebacks in this business.

“Hey, we’re pro wrestlers; it’s never done. That’s the truth. There’s definitely some left in the tank; I didn’t want to be someone who retired because I had to retire, or retire because I wasn’t able to do it anymore and I was embarrassing myself or anything like that. Similarly, I was burned out when I left. So there’s definitely a lot left in the tank.”

Barrett turned 40 years old this year and noted that there are older guys on the roster currently.

“I’m only 40 years old. Forty sounds quite old in the sporting world, but in the world of sports entertainment it’s clearly not. And I think you only need to look at people like The Hurt Business at the moment. I think all of those guys are older than me and they’re doing, all three of them are doing some of the best work of their career right now. And Sheamus is older than me, there are guys who are on the main stage of their shows right now who are doing some of the best work of their career [and] who are older than me.”

While Barrett said he could come back, he also made it clear that he wants to get in proper in-ring shape to make that comeback.

“I’m not in in-ring shape at the moment. I’m in good shape, but to be in in-ring shape I will probably need three months of knocking out that ring rust before I step back in the ring. But currently I will say my focus is purely on the announcing booth and doing that in NXT.”

Thanks to 411Wrestling for the transcript.

TJR Thoughts: I hope Barrett does get to wrestle in WWE again. The end of his active run four years ago didn’t really feel like a big deal. He should end his career on his terms after a WWE comeback, if that’s something he wants to do.