Vince McMahon Message To Fans About WWE Divas

There was an uproar among WWE fans during Raw when the divas received only 30 seconds of in-ring time.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon took to Twitter to address the issue.

That tweet got people talking so much on Tuesday night also that it was again trending on Twitter. There was a divas match on Smackdown, but our understanding is that it was a typical short match likely around three minutes.

TJR Take: I think it’s nice that WWE has noticed fans are upset about the lack of time given to divas matches, but it’s up to WWE to prove to us that they are listening. Raw is a three hour show and Smackdown is two hours. During five hours of new content they can only muster up three minute divas matches on these shows. It’s ridiculous and has been going on for several years.

Hopefully things change for the better. Maybe Vince should watch NXT to see how it’s done. They do it right.