Victoria Talks WWE’s Women’s Division & Wanting To Face Paige

Former WWE and TNA Women’s Champion Lisa Marie Varon (aka Victoria/Tara) was recently interviewed by the United Kingdom’s Total Wrestling Magazine. Varon discussed a variety of topics including: adjusting back into the “normal” life, owning a restaurant that supports a lot of local wrestling, winning the Women’s Title from Trish Stratus at Madison Square Garden in 2002 (I was there and it was a great match), her famous Hair vs. Title match at WrestleMania 20 against Molly Holly, and how she really enjoys watching Bray Wyatt at the moment. It’s a very good interview from a female wrestler whose work I always enjoyed. She talks about much more, so you can click right here if you’d like to read this interview in its entirety.

Although Varon says she’s been adjusting more to the “normal” life as of late, she’s still competing as she is in the United Kingdom this month to wrestle for a British wrestling company, WAW (World Association Wrestling). Even though Varon hasn’t wrestled in a year, she got the itch to get back in the ring after she visited WAW and saw all the talented, hard-working women they have in their company. This led to a discussion about the current WWE Women’s Division, what she thinks of their women, if she’d ever want to return to WWE and who she’d like to wrestle if she did.

“You know I’m very lucky I’ve wrestled some of the greatest and I’m still wrestling now so yeah who knows who I may hook up with next.

“If you look at the match that Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks had at WrestleMania I think people are taking the women more seriously now. A lot of people said it was the match of the night. Hopefully the days of bra and panties matches are a thing of the past and we can concentrate on the wrestling.

“I love Charlotte she would be so much fun to wrestle and I am a huge Sasha Banks fan. She’s got it, the reaction she gets from the crowd is amazing and she is going to go far in this business.

“I’d have to say though, Paige is a given for me. I’d love to wrestle her. I’m friends with her mom, but I think there are a lot of little subtle similarities between us and I’m sure we would have a great match.”

Varon will be facing Paige’s mother, Saraya Knight, soon at the July 3 Bellatrix event in Norwich, England. The match was actually made by Scott Hall (who’s the Commissioner) during this weekend’s WAW television tapings.

Lisa Marie Varon

Mark’s reaction: In addition to always being a big fan of Victoria, I thought this news was interesting as yet another former WWE female wrestler is talking about potentially returning. Trish Stratus recently talked to Sports Illustrated about how she would be willing to compete again in WWE as a heel. I think it would be pretty awesome bringing in Trish and Victoria as heels who are after some of the newer women in the company like Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Asuka and Bayley (I only exclude Charlotte and Emma because their heels). It can also play nicely into this whole “new era” phrase WWE keeps throwing around by having the old era vs. the new one (similar to what WWE was doing on Raw with Big Cass and Chris Jericho).

How likely is all this? I don’t know and won’t keep my hopes up. However, it’s fun to think about; especially after two of the best WWE’s had like Trish and Victoria say they’d consider returning. Would you like to see Trish and/or Victoria come back to WWE? If so, how would you like to see them used? Let us know in the comment section below.