Update On WWE Fan That Entered Ring At Night Of Champions And His Punishment

There was a fan that jumped the rail at WWE Sunday’s Night of Champions event. When Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose were in the ring awaiting their mystery partner (Chris Jericho), this guy stood beside them in the ring. Thankfully, he didn’t actually do anything and security was able to get out of the ring. Bray Wyatt asked: “Is that your guy?” It was pretty funny, but it could have been scary if the guy had a weapon.

There are more details out about who this guy was as well as his punishment. I was also sent some notes from a fan that was at the show to provide more info on the situation.

First, here’s what PWInsider reported about it today: confirmed that the fan who hopped the railing at the Night of Champions PPV and made it into the ring for a second prior to the Wyatt Family vs. Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose & Chris Jericho match was charged with criminal trespass of a property or building with no forced entry.

The fan, Oscar Ramirez, 37, of Houston has already plead guilty and was sentenced to ten days’ incarceration. Had his case gone to trial, he was looking at half a year in jail.

So, as noted, WWE isn’t going to let the fan intrusions slide going forward. Anyone who crosses that line is going to be prosecuted.

Ten days incarceration seems pretty harsh, but it definitely sends a message to people wanting to try something in the future.

Here’s what I was sent by long time TJR reader Luis Rojas, who was at the show and saw Ramirez.

The dude had on a mask the whole time and dressed in full SHIELD garb. He bumped into my cousin a few times, seems like he was on something. Well as soon as the Wyatt’s came out he ran to the restroom put on his mask and came back out. Jokingly I said to my cousin “Watch this idiot jump the rail.” Then Ambrose and Reigns came out just before the 3rd member was announced. He jumped the railing, fell hard on the floor and then made it into the ring. Then the police came over and took his possessions that he left. Everyone in the section seemed relieved because he was walking up and down the aisle the whole time.

Thanks to Luis for sending that in.

My Take: I think Luis is right that the guy was on something because sane people would never got into a ring. He’s very lucky none of the wrestlers went after him. If this was 20 years ago they probably would have, but guys today are worried about getting sued or things like that.

What WWE needs to do is put on a 30 second clip during Raw with Triple H standing in front of their security guards saying that if you jump the rail, you may go to jail and you may get hurt. Come to the shows, have fun, but stay in your seat and enjoy the product instead of trying to be a part of the show.

A lot of fans are going to read about this guy online or they may have watched the PPV and will think of doing the same thing because they might want to be on camera. Do you want to send a message, WWE? Mention it on the show. Talk about the punishment this idiot received. Then it will stop or at least happen less often.

What’s your take on this?