Update On The Young Bucks Signing With Wrestling Company

In a quick update on the news I reported yesterday, Matt and Nick Jackson, The Young Bucks, today announced that they have indeed signed with Ring Of Honor. Below is a video that Matt posted on his Twitter account with the reveal.

The video was then followed 20 minutes later with this official announcement on the RoH Twitter page.

Ski’s Take – Well, that wasn’t a surprise really was it? Yes, they were the hottest free agent tag team in the world, but as they were already working with RoH on a date by date basis, it’s hardly that much of a reveal.They’ll be basically doing what they’re right now, with probably less NJPW tours but for more money. As they say, I think that deal is “Too Sweet” (yes I have no shame……)

More of the deal will be talked about by Kevin Kelly (RoH lead announcer) on The Taz Show live on CBS radio later today.