Update On The Undertaker’s Next Scheduled WWE Appearances

The Undertaker is scheduled to appear on the April 19 Smackdown taping at O2 Arena in London, England. It is not yet known whether or not Undertaker will be competing in a match or not at that taping. In the past, he’s made appearances just for the live crowd, so that’s what it could be.

He is currently advertised as being part of a tag team match at a WWE live event the next night as well. This live event will be held at The Newcastle Arena in Newcastle, England. Undertaker will be teaming with Kane to face off against the team of Braun Strowman and Eric Rowan. Undertaker’s opponent and partner recently changed upon Luke Harper’s injury. He was initially supposed to team with Big Show to face Harper and Rowan.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer recently reported that after his WrestleMania 32 match, Undertaker was telling people backstage that he just competed in his last match. Undertaker has said this in the past, proving not to be true. Although his tag match in Newcastle will not be televised, I definitely don’t think we’ve seen Undertaker’s last WrestleMania match.

Mark’s reaction: Undertaker’s Smackdown appearance in under two weeks is intriguing. It may just be a spot where he makes his first appearance since WrestleMania and addresses the match. That can possibly be a big selling point for people to tune in to Smackdown that Thursday.

As I mentioned above, I definitely don’t think we’ve seen Undertaker’s last WrestleMania match. The whole stipulation behind the match was that if Taker lost, he’d never have another WrestleMania match again. He won, which means we’ll see at least one more Mania match. WWE won’t mess up their sendoff for The Undertaker (whenever that happens), so I assume they’ll do it up big and want his final match to ideally be a better match than his last one against Shane.

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