Update On Seth Rollins & Randy Orton’s WWE Return

Former WWE Champions Seth Rollins and Randy Orton have both been out of action since late October/early November 2015. Rollins suffered a severe knee injury at a house show Dublin, Ireland and Orton had a shoulder injury. Both injuries required surgery that has kept them on the shelf up to this point. There has recently been new information revealed as to the status of both men and when they will return. The following is from this week’s edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

“The update on Orton is that his rehab is coming much slower than expected, but he is recovering. The timetable is that he would probably start training in Orlando for his comeback in mid-June.

“Rollins is expected back on television relatively soon. He’s right now filming a movie called “Temple” in New Orleans.”

Mark’s reaction: Orton’s rehab coming slower than expected is sort of expected, from me at least. He was interviewed by AfterBuzz TV about a month ago and pretty much said how he’s not quite ready to get back on the road with WWE and is in no hurry to return right away. He’s taking his time with his rehab and if he does in fact return in mid-June, he’ll be about a month behind his initial expected return. That’s not bad. Let him take his time. His shoulder has been a nagging injury for him through his career, so if not rushing to get back in the ring right away is what he needs, then good for him. WWE’s roster is also so loaded right now that Orton’s absence is not hurting my weekly viewing in the least.

In regards to Rollins, he seems about right on schedule. After his injury on November 4, 2015, he was expected to miss anywhere from 6-9 months. It’s now been more than 6 months, so it makes sense to hear that he’ll be back relatively soon. I can’t wait for his return. I’ve really missed Rollins presence on Raw every week and with all the new guys on the main roster and soon to be called up to the main roster, my mind keeps thinking about all the possible scenarios and rivalries that we’ll hopefully get to see.

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