Update on Schedule for WWE Taping Raw, Smackdown, NXT and WrestleMania Over the Next Week

There were reports of WWE taping Raw, Smackdown, NXT and WrestleMania two days ago and today we’ve learned some more info about it. It’s a unique situation due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic that the world is dealing with right now. What that means is WWE has to limit the number of people in the building for when they tape these shows.

If the Coronavirus situation gets worse, it may be tough for some wrestlers to get to WWE’s taping locations via airfare, so that’s why it is smart of WWE to tape in advance. It was mentioned in the Wrestling Observer earlier this week that Brock Lesnar may have trouble getting to the US from his home in Saskatchewan, Canada, but we don’t know Brock’s status right now. My impression is that Lesnar should be able to get there.

The content for Raw, Smackdown and NXT will be taped at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando where the last two Smackdowns and Raw were. For WrestleMania, WWE has said that they are taping at multiple locations although we don’t know what those locations are. Thanks to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, we now know when WWE is taping their shows including WrestleMania. These plans have also been confirmed by Wrestling Observer and Post Wrestling as well, so it’s likely legit news here and not just rumors.

Here’s how WWE will tape their shows in advance with all of it at the WWE Performance Center:

Today (March 21) – Friday Night Smackdown for March 27 and April 3.

Sunday (March 22) – NXT Content. No word on if that means matches

Monday (March 23) – Raw for March 23.

Tuesday (March 24) – Raw for March 30.

Wednesday and Thursday (March 25 and March 26) – WrestleMania 36 Night One for April 5 and Night Two for April 6.

It was also noted by PWInsider that WWE is taping material for WrestleMania on closed set locations as well although, as previously mentioned, we don’t know those locations yet. It’s possible that they tape other matches after that March 26 date, but that’s up to WWE.

If there are spoilers for those shows, we will likely post them on this website although it won’t be known in the title. I don’t expect to talk about them on Facebook or Twitter or anything like that. It will just be on this site only. If I don’t see spoilers that’s fine with me.