Two New SmackDown Titles Will Be Revelaed On Tonight’s WWE SmackDown Live

WWE Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan announced on Twitter today big news regarding more championships in WWE. Bryan announce that two new championship titles, that will be exclusive to Smackdown, will debut on tonight’s episode of Smackdown Live.

Mark’s reaction: These two new titles will likely be a Smackdown Women’s Championship and a Smackdown Tag Team Championship that has been teased by Bryan on WWE Network’s Talking Smack for the past few weeks. Including tonight’s episode of Smackdown, there are three more Smackdown episodes until Backlash on September 11. I’m assuming the next few weeks will consist of qualifying matches to see who competes for those new titles at Backlash.

In regards to the look of the belts, I have a strong feeling that one of the new belts will be identical to the WWE Title, just blue. I have no insider knowledge as to that statement, simply going on intuition. Keeping the same design and just changing the color the titles seem to be the route WWE is taking with the recent revealing of the Universal Title. I would like it if Smackdown wanted to be different and give the titles a unique look. However, I won’t get my hopes up.

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