Two Championship Matches Announced for WWE Extreme Rules on July 15

The next WWE pay-per-view event is Extreme Rules on Sunday, July 15 in Pittsburgh, PA. The Extreme Rules event is usually full of matches with stipulations to try to sell the viewers the idea that it’s not some regular show.

Following this week’s editions of Raw and Smackdown, there are two official championship matches announced.

The WWE Title match will see AJ Styles defend the title he has held for 225 days (he won it last November) against Rusev, who is getting his first shot at the WWE Title in his career.

The reason Rusev is getting a WWE Title shot is because he won a 5-man Gauntlet Match on Smackdown that was excellent. Daniel Bryan beat Big E to start the match, then Bryan survived against Samoa Joe by countout, The Miz pinned Daniel Bryan after Bryan was attacked by the Bludgeon Brothers and Rusev beat The Miz to win the match. After the match was over, Styles shook Rusev’s hand in the center of the ring. Styles also punched Rusev’s buddy Aiden English after English pulled his away from a handshake.

The other match announced for Extreme Rules is Alexa Bliss defending the Raw Women’s Title against Nia Jax, who is the former champion. That was announced on Raw.

There is another match set up for the show involving several male wrestlers to determine who gets a Universal Champion match against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. We don’t know how many guys will be in the match, but we know Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley will be in it. In other words, WWE’s Creative Team is trying to figure it out.

TJR Thoughts: Like I wrote in my Smackdown Review, I’m happy that Rusev is getting the push to a WWE Title match. Styles has held the title long enough that he could really lose it any time and I don’t think anybody is going to complain about it. I’m just not sure if Rusev is the guy to do it. I think it’s more likely that Samoa Joe or The Miz is the one to end the title reign of Styles. Extreme Rules isn’t viewed as a major show, so doing Styles vs. Rusev at that show is fine. I think Styles will likely face a tougher test at SummerSlam like Samoa Joe, The Miz, Daniel Bryan or maybe a four-way will all of them. Right now I’m leaning towards Styles retaining at Extreme Rules.