Trish Stratus Comments On How Being Heel In WWE Would Be Cool, Praise For Sasha Banks, Main Eventing With Lita & More!

Trish Stratus is arguably the greatest female performer in WWE history after being a valet, then a top babyface diva, then a heel and retiring as the Women’s Champion in her last match as a full timer at Unforgiven 2006. It’s been ten years since she’s been a regular in WWE, yet people constantly ask her if she’d be interested in a return. The good thing is that she’s 40 years old and keeps in great shape thanks to her Stratusphere Yoga studio in Toronto.

This past week, Trish did an interview with Sports Illustrated discussing a number of topics. Here’s a sample.

On wanting to return to WWE as a heel that could also work with Ronda Rousey:

“Could I physically go back and do what I did before? At this point, yes, I can do that. But I’d only go back if it was worth it and if it was a challenge for me. Something that’s different and unique, like playing a heel again, which would be super cool. I’ve gone back as a babyface, so it would have to be something challenging and something that would elevate either the division or a talent. Not just me for my own sh–s and giggles to raise my brand. It would be good if there was a moment to elevate a character. I’d love to work with Ronda Rousey, but I don’t know if she’d be up for that.”

On how the women’s wrestling “revolution” started with Trish, Lita and others from that era:

“The ‘Revolution’ began with us. It was a change in the way women were perceived in the business. I didn’t care what I was wearing, it was all about the match and telling the right story. There was a moment in my career where I wasn’t sexy any more–I was going out to wrestle. There was a shift in my career where it was all about the wrestling.”

“That was all the girls involved, the writers, and Fit Finlay. Finlay was there to help me and guide me. He is the one who brought the Trish Stratus character alive. He saw it in me and brought it out of me. He knew I had it in me, and every match I wanted to do better than the last one. I was fighting for him, and he was my coach.”

On finding out she was main eventing Raw with Lita on December 6, 2004:

“We got to the building that day, and there was a board with all of the matches written on it. Amy and I were riding together, and we thought the board wasn’t complete or that they hadn’t written the main event yet. Then one of the agents–Fit Finlay–said to us, ‘Are you ready for this?’ Then upper management started coming over and saying congrats, and I was like, ‘Holy sh–, this is a big moment.’”

On Sasha Banks being the future of WWE’s Women’s Division:

“Sasha, to me, is a star. There are a lot of comparisons, but I don’t think we are that similar, actually, at all. But she’s the star of the division, and she’s the one. She really knows her character, she owns her character, and she’s so solid in the ring.”

That’s just part of the interview. She went on to also talk about how yoga helped her career when she had back injury and it also led to her post WWE career running a yoga studio. Read the rest at Sports Illustrated now.