Triple H Hopes To See Hulk Hogan Back In The WWE

WWE Executive Vice President Triple H called into WHEB’s “Greg and the Morning Buzz” radio show this week to help promote WHEB’s “Lend a Helping Can” charity auction. This past summer, some racial comments Hulk Hogan made surfaced onto the internet causing the WWE terminate his contract and remove him from the Hall of Fame section of their website. During his time away from the company Hogan has gone on record multiple times to publicly apologize for his comments and ask the public and the WWE for forgiveness. When Triple H was asked if the WWE would ever welcome Hulk Hogan back to the company, he responded with the following:

“For me I hope so. It’s about reinvigorating his brand and him as a human being and the confidence within the world as to who he is. But the one thing about people in general, when somebody is on top they love to see him fall and when they fall they love to see him make that comeback. They’re great stories and I think that’s where people are.

Do I think he can be forgiven and make amends with the world and move forward? Yeah, absolutely. But at the same point in time for us in that time frame you’re putting up a message to the world of how you’ll tolerate things and how you’ll react to things. And we did what we needed to do and he’ll do what he needs to do to get himself back.

And it’s not, to me, at the end of the day for him, how he’s perceived by the world. Him as a human being, I’m sure is a lot more important to him than anything else. And re-establishing who he is as a human being I’m sure is of utmost importance to him and I’m sure he’s going to do it and when he does we’ll go from there.”

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Mark’s reaction:

It sounds like Triple H definitely has plans to welcome the Hulkster back to the WWE. At the time that Hogan’s comments surfaced it was a big story and like Triple H said, they had to show the world that they don’t tolerate that sort of behavior. However, it seems like Triple H knows that Hogan is sincere when he says he’s sorry and understands that the comments were made a long time ago and that people change. I know that before Hulk was let go he was making a big push to be a part of WrestleMania 32 in some fashion. I’m not sure if he’ll be back by then or within the next year or so, but it’s just nice to know that it looks like he won’t be permanently wiped form WWE history forever.

Would you like to see the WWE open their doors again to Hulk Hogan? Are you interested at all in seeing him involved in WrestleMania 32? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.