Triple H Comments On Chyna’s Importance In WWE & Possible Induction In WWE Hall of Fame

When the news of Joanie “Chyna” Laurer’s unfortunate passing reached the web this morning, it hit many former/current wrestlers and wrestling fans hard. The passing of any former wrestler is always sad, but it hurts especially more when it’s at a young age. Chyna was only 45 years old.

Tons of current and former wrestlers took to social media today to give their thoughts on her passing and send their prayers Laurer’s family’s way. Triple H, Chyna’s former boyfriend, also took to Twitter to pay his respects. He tweeted the following.

Many fans were eager to hear what Triple H had to say due to the nature of his relationship with Chyna and how it seemingly ended on bad terms.

In an interview with The Mirror today, Triple H talked more about Chyna’s death and whether or not she’ll be going into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Triple H on how important Chyna was to the professional wrestling business.

“It is obviously tragic and clearly my well-wishes go out to her friends and family.

“Brilliance sometimes, and that ability to push barriers and boundaries and be a pioneer, is often connected closely with other things that aren’t so positive sometimes, and demons, and unfortunately that is the case.

“Man, [she was] just a great person, an amazing talent, a ground breaking pioneer, that was never afraid to go out on a limb and blaze her own trail through life.

“She never took, and when you’re choosing a path [you can say] ‘hey here is a path let’s go down that one’ or you can blaze your own path and burn it up and create something for others to follow, and that’s what she did, and that star shone bright, but unfortunately burned out way too fast.”

Triple H on if Chyna will ever be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

“You know it’s not my decision, but I definitely think, as I have said before, that what she did in her life certainly warrants it.

“There was never anybody like her before her, and there will never be anybody like her after.

“It’s certainly warranted and I’m sure at some point when the time is right, hopefully, that could happen.”

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