Triple H And Chris Jericho Lead Lemmy From Motorhead Tributes

Lenny Kilmister, rock legend and founding member of the band Motorhead, sadly passed away yesterday at the age of 70. He was diagnosed with cancer only two days before.

Triple H and the WWE itself were close friend’s of Lemmy’s, performing his ring entrances at Wrestlemania 17 and 21, the theme song for Evolution, an alternative theme for HHH which is now being used as The Authority’s entrance music, and Motorhead’s classic song “Ace Of Spades”, was used recently as the official theme song for NXT Takeover: London, just two weeks ago.

Triple H and Chris Jericho both remembered Lemmy on Twitter and Instagram last night.

Ski’s Take – Waking up this morning to this news has shook me to my core. I was just getting my head around the fact that Lemmy had cancer and now this?

I grew up in a pub (bar for my North American friends) and his music was a constant in the background of my life. Growing up listening to Motorhead every single day for about 9 months solid (thank you Rick The Rocker, a regular who frequented the pub daily), which then branched off into different bands and other genre’s of rock music.

Triple H and Jericho are older than myself, so I’m thinking they have an even better affinity with the music he made, let alone actually calling Lemmy a friend.

The impact that Lemmy and Motorhead have had in the WWE cannot be taken lightly. Writing and performing entrance music for Triple H, Evolution, The Authority. Would HHH have cut the mustard without his well known dynamic entrance to his music “The Game”? Lending their well known established songs to PPV’s and Special Events also made Motorhead relatable to WWE fans.

I think the wrestling industry as a whole, let alone WWE, has been enriched by the influence of Lemmy.