Tony Khan Says “Multiple Additions” To Come For AEW Roster

Tony Khan

AEW President Tony Khan has discussed the company being on the brink of making “multiple additions” to their talent roster over the next few months.

The AEW roster has steadily been increasing in number over the past several months as the company got set to launch AEW Rampage as the second show on TNT in August. Malakai Black, 2.0, and Fuego Del Sol have all become All Elite in recent weeks.

The monumental signing of CM Punk to the company after a seven-year absence from the wrestling business made shockwaves, but the recruitment doesn’t look set to stop any time soon.

Tony Khan joined Wrestling Observer Radio to discuss the future of the company and why adding the right talent is crucial:

“I’m definitely going to make multiple additions over the next four to six months. And I think there’ll be some activity in the near future. I can’t specify exactly what it is. And I don’t think anybody would really want me to, just like nobody would have wanted any confirmation of anything going into the First Dance or what it was or how it was going to come off.”

“But I definitely will be active and have been active, signing people from day one in this company. And recruiting talent is key to any wrestling company. It’s key to any sports business, whether it’s the NFL or English football, or wrestling. And in this case of wrestling, I think we’ve built as good a roster as I believe you could build in this amount of time with so many stars.”

Tony Khan then followed up by touting the upcoming All Out as potentially the company’s biggest pay-per-view to date:

“A really, really great core people that have been here from day one. And we’ve expanded consistently. And I think the additions we’ve made have been a lot of smart additions. And really are very well positioned. Now we’re expanding our TV and adding a third hour. This is when I really wanted to kick into full gear, so to speak, although, like Punk said in this promo, I gotta wait, I gotta get through All Out before I can get into full gear officially.”

“But the timing of it is perfect, because going into All Out, which is definitely without a doubt going to be the biggest pay-per-view event we’ve done in our history. We’ve done a lot of big numbers, and nobody in America really in the last 21 years has put up the kind of pay-per-view numbers we’ve done since day one.”

Rumours surrounding former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan coming to AEW gained pace lately when CM Punk alluded to Bryan on AEW Dynamite. A report following that said the company was considering bringing Bryan’s debut in the company forward.