TNA’s Kurt Angle Reveals Wrestling Hiatus

In an interview with Mark Madden on 105.9x radio, Kurt Angle dropped some major news revealing that although he will be appearing at TNA’s Bound for Glory next month, he will not be re-signing with the company after his contract expires in January, or making his much desired return to WWE.

The 1996 Olympic gold medalist states that he is taking an extended break from the industry, but not before noting that he is nearly 100% healthy.

Honestly, good for Kurt. He is my second favorite wrestler of all time next to Shawn Michaels, and even though he admittedly can still go in a wrestling ring, I have been wanting him to simply take a break and enjoy the finer things in life. He’s done so much for the business and deserves this hiatus, but hopefully one day that long-awaited WWE return does happen and his legacy is cemented in the Hall of Fame.