TNA Impact Debut On POP TV – New TNA World Champion, The Miracle Revealed, Former Champion Returns

Last night Impact Wrestling finally debuted on POP TV after months of promotion and hype and a new World Champion was crowned.

  • Ethan Carter III became a two time TNA World Champion by defeating Matt Hardy in the final of the World Title Series.

Also in doing so, he has remained undefeated for his entire TNA run.

In other news:

– Awesome Kong has joined The Dollhouse after beating down The Beautiful People (Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky) and Gail Kim, after Gail Kim secured the victory for her team.

– The Miracle finally debuted, and it was as was widely reported that it was indeed Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis (both formerly RoH talents). Bennett cut an in-ring promo on Matt Hardy in particular and let it be known that he has his eye on the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

– James Storm made his triumphant return to TNA (after a brief run in NXT) to save former tag team partner Bobby Roode from a beatdown by Eric Young and Bram, after his defense of Roode’s KOTM title against Bram. Josh Matthews interviewed Storm, who had this to say.

“You know, about five or six months ago I kept getting asked the same question: ‘Why did you leave Impact Wrestling?’ And I answered it with this: Because I didn’t like where I was going, who I was portraying, because that wasn’t me. … Plain and simply, I just wasn’t having fun anymore. So when I was traveling the world wrestling everywhere trying to figure out what I was going to do next, I was sitting at home and I was flipping through the channels and I came across Impact Wrestling and I seen that yours truly got the ‘Biggest Disappointment’ award. And I take exception to that because I, for the last 13 years, put everything I freaking have into this damn company. Because this company didn’t make James Storm, guys like James Storm made this damn company. And then there’s you (Bobby Roode). We drank a lot of beer together. And we’ve made a lot of money. So I say it’s time to get back to having fun. You guys want us to have a little fun?”

He then offered Roode a beer, who then accepted and the Beer Money theme music played. It was later mentioned that Beer Money will reform at the One Night Only PPV this Friday 8th January.

Ski’s Take – Well Dixie and company went all out for shocks and surprises didn’t she? Shame that the cat was let out of the bag a few days before! Everyone in the industry knew days ago that The Miracle would be Mike Bennett and his wife Maria Kanellis. And as for Storm making the save for Bobby Roode? Storm himself tweeted that he was in the arena for a meeting with TNA officials! So as soon as the beatdown happened, you knew that Storm would run out and make the save.

I know that in this day and age it’s difficult to keep a secret, even more so in the wrestling industry, but if WWE could keep it quiet that the Dudley’s were going to appear on the Raw after Summerslam, then how difficult could it be to keep it on the down low that a TNA original, and former World Champ was to appear?!?

And as for Ethan Carter III regaining the TNA World Title? I’m at a bit of a loss. Why put the title on Matt Hardy last year, make a big song and dance about him actually winning the big one, then relinquishing the title due to legal proceedings, when the entire time Carter was going to win it back? Was it to promote the awful World Title series that was so convoluted? Was it just for the quick spike in ratings and media exposure that ensued? I have real worries, even more than before, about the booking staff in TNA.

Again I would like to state that I’m not down on TNA at all. The roster they have there is as talented as anywhere else in the world. But when they’re being let down time and time again by poor booking, and major business fails, it makes me seriously concerned.

I’m hoping that the new partnership with POP does actually turn the corner for the company, as I can’t see them surviving being let go by another network this time…..