Titus O’Neil Discusses Ambitious WWE Career Goals And Charity Work

Titus O’Neil recently took part in an interview with the Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard blog, where he was questioned on the topic of WWE only having had one African-American WWE World Heavyweight Champion (Booker T and Mark Henry don’t qualify because they won a different World Title) throughout the company’s lengthy and historical legacy.

I’ve never been involved in the creative process in any aspect of this company, so I couldn’t tell you why there has only been one. Is it disturbing in some cases? Yes, but it’s no different than any other form of entertainment. There aren’t a lot of places, whether it’s film or television, with African-Americans as heroes. I can’t answer the question of why there has only been one, but I would definitely like to be the next African-American champion. Not because I’m African-American, but because I’ve deserved and earned the right to be WWE world heavyweight champion.

Based on wrestling talent and his current gimmick I’m not sure Titus O’Neil has earned the right to be WWE Champion, but as a public figure he most certainly has. The guy simply does a lot of incredible charity work.

I’ve tried to conduct myself as a champion and represent the company as a champion with or without a title. I’ve been very fortunate to receive a lot of accolades based on my humanitarian efforts, and that shows more so about my character than it does about my in-ring talent, and that’s one thing that should set anybody into a position of being able to be a champion.

It’s a scripted program, and you can literally make a fork the WWE champion, if you wanted to. But I look at it like this–I’m just going to come to work every single day as long as I’m under contract, and do the very best that I can, with the hopes that I’ll get that opportunity to become WWE champion. I don’t know what goes into the process of determining who is going to be the next champion, but I’m not going to sell myself short.

For those unaware, Titus O’Neil was a product of rape, growing up without a father, which is why he takes his own fatherhood so seriously that he has made national headlines and won awards. In addition to that, the Florida Gators alumni is currently running a campaign titled ‘Gator Good’.

We’re partnering up to try to do some really amazing things. We’re going to try to influence our alumni base. There are 400,000 active members of University’s alumni base who will go out and do good for their respective communities, with the hopes of bringing awareness to various important causes worldwide as Gators, but also as human beings. I can nominate anyone. I want to start predominantly with Gator alums, but it will definitely branch off to entertainment groups and other universities as well. We want to do it for various causes, and each week we’ll challenge people to do the ‘Gator Good.

Titus O’Neil may not be the most entertaining worker to me personally, but that’s always something that can be improved over time. What I do love is simply his passion and generosity towards society; it will also go a long way for his career.

Once again, you can read the full interview here, which discusses much more including O’Neil’s thoughts on Hulk Hogan’s racist comments, WWE implementing the homosexuality of his partner Darren Young into scripted television, and more, but for now I will leave you with one final ambitious quote.

I am one-hundred percent confident that I am WWE world heavyweight championship material. That is my goal. I won tag team gold, and while I’m in a tag team, that is my goal, but champion should be the goal of every single person on the roster. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time, and you’re wasting my time.