The Undertaker Comments on Wishing He Could Wrestle Forever, His First Year in WWE, More

It’s pretty much Undertaker week in WWE since this Sunday’s Survivor Series event is a 30-year celebration of The Undertaker’s career. Because of that, The Undertaker (who we know as Mark Calaway now after an in-depth documentary on his career) is doing a lot of interviews talking about his career. We aren’t going to post all of them, but here are some excerpts of an interview he did with Yahoo Sports.

The Undertaker commented on how he became WWF Champion for the first time at Survivor Series 1991, which was one year after he debuted at Survivor Series 1990. The Undertaker beat Hulk Hogan for the WWF Title that night.

“That was a fast year. It all happened really fast and then I got the word at Survivor Series, my one-year anniversary, that I am going to be wrestling the golden goose and I’m going to be world champion. It was amazing. A year into this thing, I’m still looking at myself kind of as a greenhorn. That’s how it was back then. I had only been in the business for about four years and here I am, wrestling one of the biggest legends our industry has ever seen and I’m going over. It was really surreal.”

The Undertaker also spoke about how he thought his career long storyline with Kane might be WWE’s best story ever.

“Although I had wrestled some giants up until that point and I had these dragons that I had to slay, none of them really matched up like Kane did. You have this over-the-top character in the Undertaker, but now he has a brother? It was over the top, but there was a real kind of connection that people could identify with. If you have a sibling, you understand sibling rivalries, but now it’s on an entirely different scale. You have one who throws lightning and the other creates fire. It was part reality, part supernatural, almost comic book story. I will always say it is the best story that WWE has ever told.”

During the interview, The Undertaker made it clear that he wishes he could do it forever, but father time catches up to all of us, even a 55-year-old Deadman wrestling character.

“I still have the passion to do it, I wish I could do it forever. When I watch the shows or I’m there live, the juices start flowing and I feel like I have to get ready to go out and perform. The reality of the situation is that I’m not physically able to perform at the level I want to perform at. I could go out there and cash in on all of the equity I’ve built up over 30 years, but I can’t deliver physically what I think people pay money to see the Undertaker do.”

Lastly, The Undertaker talked about how much pride he had in his performances.

“No matter what was going on in my life, I just want people to understand that I took the responsibility of being that character and bringing that character every week seriously. Maybe there are some in my life that would say I took it too seriously and damaged relationships and wasn’t there.”

“But I know that people were paying hard-earned money and a lot of times were having to scratch and claw to bring their kids to wrestling. I never took that for granted. I hope people understand and appreciate that.”

Check out the full interview here on Yahoo Sports including Undertaker talking about if he will get emotional at Survivor Series if he delivers a speech and plenty more.