The Undertaker Admits “My Time Has Come, My Time Has Gone”

The Undertaker stares menacingly

The Undertaker has admitted that, even though he still gets the itch to have another match, his time as an active competitor has come and gone.

The Undertaker had his final match in the main event of WrestleMania 36 in a cinematic Boneyard Match against AJ Styles. Appearing in his American Badass gear one more time, the ‘Deadman’ buried Styles alive before riding off into the darkness, ending his legendary WWE career. His next appearance came at Survivor Series 2020 as he gave his ‘Final Farewell’ to the WWE Universe, three decades on from his debut in the company.

During an interview to promote WrestleMania 38, which will take place in his home state of Texas, the multi-time WWE Champion was asked by the Dallas Morning News, if he still gets bitten by the wrestling bug. The Undertaker said it does, but he admitted he wasn’t in a place where he could perform at the level he would want to.

“Yeah, of course it does. I think it’s always in my head and in my heart, especially getting ready for WrestleMania here at AT&T Stadium it’s just like … man. But it’s just at a point where physically, I can’t perform at a level. I mean, I could go out and walk through something and I could get through a match. But I can’t give people what they expect at this point.”

He went on to explain that, while his passion is still there, he can’t deliver anymore, and it’s time for the “young guys” to step up.

“When you see Undertaker, you pay money to see that guy wrestle. I can’t deliver physically on what people’s expectations are. … The passion is obviously still there. I think that will always be there. It’s just the physical side of it. … My time has come, my time has gone. This is the WWE and things happen, you never know. But I know that my time has passed and it’s time for these young guys to step up and take over and lead us to where we’re going.”

The ‘Phenom’ also spoke about WrestleMania now being two nights, revealing that he loves the move.

“I like going to two nights now because WrestleMania was a long night. You’re there 6-7 hours, and it’s hard to keep and sustain that energy level as a fan. You get taken on all these emotional rides all through the course of the night to the point where you’re just worn out.”

“So, I love the fact that they are going to two nights. I think it will keep the energy levels high, the excitement high, and I’m really excited about it. To not be actually in a match, I’m really excited for this year’s Mania. Everybody’s kind of coming back out again after COVID and everything else. I think it’s going to be huge, I really do.”

Outside of the wrestling ring, The Undertaker can currently be seen in the Netflix Original movie, ‘Escape The Undertaker‘ alongside The New Day.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription