The Bella Twins Possibly Taking A Break From WWE

We know that John Cena is taking time off from WWE (this became a reality last night at Hell In A Cell as he lost his US Championship to Alberto Del Rio) to reportedly host a reality TV show, and now it seems that his girlfriend Nikki Bella may be following suit. Here’s a tweet posted on Monday morning to the Twitter account shared by both Brie and Nikki Bella that is definitely hinting at some kind of break.

I could realistically see the feud between Nikki and Charlotte being temporarily over as to allow time to give the NXT call-ups some real time to shine and make a name for themselves. This will also provide us with some new and fresh feuds provided WWE can create engaging stories surrounding them and make the Divas Championship feel important. It seems like Charlotte vs. Paige could be happening soon.

Brie shouldn’t really be affected by this either way because her husband Daniel Bryan still hasn’t been cleared to return to the ring yet, so they might want more personal time to spend together.

The only way to find out for sure is to tune into Raw tonight.