Thank Triple H For Kevin Owens Getting A Shot In WWE

Kevin Owens recently took part in an interview with Canadiens Magazine, which is on the official website of the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens, who are Owens’ hometown team. Among everything discussed was a brief story on who made the call to bring him aboard WWE.

For those that don’t know, apparently WWE has a system set up where a group of five highly influential executives (I’m just throwing darts here, but if I had to guess who, it’s probably Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, Michael Hayes, Stephanie McMahon, and obviously Triple H) cast votes on if they want to sign someone to a developmental contract. Well, in the interview, Kevin Owens says that decision came down to Triple H.

“He [Triple H] hired me. When I got my chance to be called up to the pros, the story I heard was that four or five people had a say in the decision. The vote was tied at two, and Triple H cast the deciding ballot. He gave me my chance. I appreciated that he was willing to risk signing me even though I’m not the typical WWE wrestler. Since I started working with him, we’ve become a lot closer. He helps me as much as he can for shows – like he does with everyone – but we both have young kids at home and we talk about a lot of other things that have nothing to do with wrestling. The fact that he’s in my corner is what counts. I watched him fight when I was younger. I went to the Bell Centre to see him live. He’s the one who motivated me.”

So there you have it; whether you still hate Triple H for burying your favorite superstars and still to this day hogging the microphone for 30 minutes a Raw, this is another good reminder that he is doing a great job with NXT. Praise be to Hunter!

Once again, you can read the full interview here, which I strongly recommend you do as Owens also discusses his dream opponent and thoughts on possibly one day facing Brock Lesnar.