Teil Rhodes Speaks On Dustin And Cody Becoming Closer In AEW

Cody Rhodes Dustin Rhodes

In a recent interview, Teil Rhodes has spoken about the relationship between her brother Cody and their half brother Dustin, saying the two have become a lot closer since AEW began.

Teil spoke on a range of topics during an appearance on Busted Open Radio, from the career of her father, the legendary Dusty Rhodes, to the advent of AEW and Cody’s role there.

When discussing how she would like her father to be remembered, Teil said that she felt it was important people remember who he was as a man and not just as a performer. She also said that she believes it can sometimes be hard for her brothers to separate that as they are in the wrestling business.

“I don’t think that it’s more important, but I think that being in the business for so long, there’s versions of Dusty that over time are kind of caricatures or not really who he was as a man. And I think that’s important to me. All the stories and all the Dusty lore that grows, that’s great. But there was also a real complicated, imperfect, but great man that I want people to remember those kinds of things about him. As a father, as a grandfather. That’s important to me.

“I also think for Cody and Dustin, being in the business, sometimes it’s hard to separate that sometimes when you’re always having to talk about dad, Dusty stuff all the time. I also am protective because he kept a lot of secrets. He did not reveal a lot about the business, and he had a reputation of someone that was professional and someone that really cared deeply about the industry. And I want to maintain that.”

She went on to say that she worries about Cody ‘wearing too many hats’ in his role as both a wrestler and EVP for AEW. Teil also sees some tension in his relationship with Arn Anderson, asking if you can ever trust one of the Four Horsemen. Anderson was a member of the infamous group when they feuded with Dusty Rhodes throughout the 1980s.

“I think that it’s fair to have those worries. Mine is more I see that kind of same tiredness in him because he doesn’t sleep. He works all the time. It’s more for me worrying about a physical burnout for him. As far as Arn goes, there’s some tension there. We love Arn, but can you trust a Horseman ever? I don’t now.”

Speaking on the relationship between Cody and Dustin, Teil said they have become a lot closer since joining AEW, especially compared to their time in WWE as Goldust and Stardust when there was some friction between the two.

“They definitely have. When Cody and Dustin were tagging together as Stardust and Goldust there at the end, it’s not a trade secret that they were not getting along. My dad did not want them tagging together anymore. Dustin moved in with us when we were so little, and Dustin, I think was sixteen when Cody was born. And while he did live with us, they weren’t really close until they were forced to work together. And there was a lot of tension at that time.

“But since All In and Dustin really being behind the scenes in the women’s division and coaching in that, they have gotten really close. There’s more of a tenderness there that I think, and I think it was always there because everybody loves Dustin. He’s so kindhearted. But I think that’s been one of the great things about AEW and where they’re at now.”

Recently, tensions between Arn Anderson and Cody Rhodes have been seen on-screen. Anderson In recent weeks cracks have begun to appear in the on-screen relationship between Cody and Arn Anderson, with things becoming more heated on the September 29th episode of Dynamite as Anderson berated Cody for his losses to Malakai Black.

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.