Sting Says He Never Thought He Would Sign With WWE

Sting spoke with The Houston Chronicle as promotion for this coming Sunday’s Night of Champions PPV, mentioning that he never thought he would sign with WWE.

Quite honestly, I never thought it would happen, that I’d be in the WWE, but here I am. Whether I was right or wrong, I made a decision to stay with another group that came to the table with everything I was asking for. I stayed apart from WWE, and I was fine. This year, I figured it was time.

I still have some sour grapes from Triple H winning their epic confrontation at WrestleMania 31 (from a booking perspective it just felt like Vince and all of the other main WWE staples trying to stick it to WCW one last time despite the company being six feet under). but I have been pleased with both his microphone work and work ethic inside the squared circle since joining WWE.

He’s certainly in better shape than in his TNA days, so I have no problem with a 56-year-old man sticking around to make some dream matches a reality while simultaneously putting over young talent like Seth Rollins. At least I assume that’s the plan, but I would totally mark out like a child if Sting did pull off the victory Sunday.

He’s one of the all-time greats and a class act, first and foremost interested in doing what’s best for business, so I’m ecstatic he’s aboard WWE.