Sting Might Wrestle At WWE Survivor Series 2015

Coming off of his initially perceived career ending injury, the Wrestling Observer is reporting that if cleared to compete, Sting is a viable option to take up battle arms alongside The Undertaker and Kane when facing off against The Wyatt Family at this year’s Survivor Series PPV in the titular featured match type.

Sting suffered some severe neck trauma and whiplash upon being delivered a Buckle Bomb for the second time by Seth Rollins at Night of Champions roughly 45 days ago, taking him out of the action to the point where the finish of the match had to be off-the-cuff rewritten into a quick roll-up ending.

Since then, Sting has not been seen on WWE television (although he was initially supposed to make an appearance on the Raw following Night of Champions), but an interview was conducted via their official website where he mentioned that he did not know what the future would hold, just that he hopes his last match wasn’t one he properly couldn’t see through to the end.

To be honest, I sincerely doubt that Sting will be healthy or even cleared by the strict WWE medical staff (these people won’t even clear Daniel Bryan despite quite a few doctors saying he should be okay to compete) so if I were a reader, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I don’t think Sting has wrestled his last match, but feel that everyone involved here is essentially jumping the gun on a potential return.

The Observer also goes on to mention that the alternative would simply be a two on four match featuring The Undertaker and Kane against The Wyatt Family under traditional elimination style rules. And to be honest, that’s still a fairly tantalizing bout on paper, especially if you’re someone enjoying the supernatural flavor of the storyline.

Would Sting make this match more interesting and feel even more important? Absolutely, but I’m not so sure wrestling so soon after enduring something so career threatening is a wise idea. Ultimately, I reserve my judgment in favor of whatever the doctors choose alongside the decision of Sting himself.