Sting Injured At WWE Night Of Champions

If you are wondering why Sting vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship ended with a rather anti-climactic roll-up, that’s because the Wrestling Observer (along with many other credible sources) are reporting that Sting suffered a legitimately serious injury.

What’s being reported is that the second Buckle-Bomb from Rollins (at the time I’m writing this, which is before WWE combs through the PPV and edits out any unwanted material, the spot happens at roughly 2 hours and 40 minutes into the show) took the wind out of Sting. Referees and trainers then tended to Sting while making a conscious decision to cut the match short; apparently it was intended to go another few minutes.

The injury also might be more serious, but more details will come later. At this hour, not all of the facts are out yet, but if you sit tight with us we will bring you any new developments.

Naturally, the nasty table spot Sting took earlier in the match didn’t help matters; his head bounced hard off of one of those monitors. Why would WWE okay this spot without at least making sure the bump was occurring in a safe environment?

While the injury is obviously terrible, I’d also like to point out that stuff like this is probably why a 56-year-old legend doesn’t really need the WWE Championship and is fine wrestling on a part-time basis to help put over younger talent. WWE would have been screwed if Sting was planned to win the title.

Nevertheless, I and everyone here at TJRWrestling wish Sting a speedy recovery. For what it’s worth, the championship match was a blast and Sting looked great until this unfortunate incident.