Steve Austin Reacts To WrestleMania 32 Boycott Rumor

It was reported yesterday on Ric Flair’s WOOOOO! Nation podcast, that if former Freebird Michael Hayes wasn’t inducted into the WWE Class of 2016 Hall Of Fame, that Steve Austin would indeed boycott WrestleMania 32.

Austin responded to the claim Flair made via his Twitter account. Below is what he posted.

Ski’s Take – Well you didn’t need to be the dunce in the corner to know that this was always going to be, in Steve’s words, pure bull. There is no chance that Austin is going to miss the biggest ever WrestleMania in his own state of Texas.

As a frequent listener of his podcast, I can state that in the past few months, whenever he has interviewed anyone in the industry he has asked them if WWE should induct Michael Hayes this year. In each and every case the interviewee has said yes. All Austin is trying to do is drum up support, much like film studios do in the run up to Oscar season. Where Flair got this from I don’t know, but it sure seems that Stone Cold has put him in his place.