Stephanie McMahon Talks With ESPN On Evolution Of WWE’s Female Wrestlers

ESPN unveiled a brand new section to their official website today that is dedicated to World Wrestling Entertainment. The WWE section of includes columns, show recaps, interviews, a schedule of live televised events, wrestler profiles and a history of all current WWE titles. It also includes a section called “Title Watch” that lists the current title holders of each championship, the number one contender to those titles and that title’s “dark horse” as well.

An interview with WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon was posted on around the same time of ESPN’s announcement of the WWE section to their website. In the interview, Stephanie discussed the evolution of WWE’s female wrestlers and WWE’s Women’s Division as a whole.

“I feel such a shift in the way our women are portrayed, the opportunity they are given, and when given that opportunity, these women are tearing the house down and stealing the show with every chance they get. Sasha said, ‘I’m going to prove that I belong by being so good they can’t ignore me.’ That just about sums up Sasha Banks and what she has been able to do. The greatest part is these women are only just getting started.”

Stephanie also talked how important it is to have a thriving women’s division so that it sets a strong example for young girls who want to achieve success in WWE. Stephanie brought up how she has three daughters and that her oldest, Aurora who is 10 years old, has her heart set on being WWE Women’s Champion.

“Aurora absolutely wants to be the women’s champion. She has been trained by Natalya. She has got her heart set on it, but we’ll see what happens there.

“I just want them to see unlimited opportunity and potential in themselves. I grew up with a very strong role model in my mom, [Linda McMahon], who was the CEO of WWE and I never thought women couldn’t do anything. I never thought gender was a barrier but that wasn’t reality at that time. Now there are so many more opportunities for women and it’s absolutely imperative to me as a mother for my three daughters to know they can be anything in this world that they want to be as long as they believe in themselves and they’re willing to work hard for it.”

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