Stephanie and Triple H Changing How Women In WWE Are Featured

On the heels of another amazing NXT Women’s Championship Match between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, comes this news courtesy of the Wrestling Observer.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are said to be big proponents of changing the way women in WWE are featured. Apparently this is very much based on Stephanie’s influence and the success UFC has had with Ronda Rousey.

It’s said that the two aren’t UFC fans but are fans of Rousey and her recent Sports Illustrated cover was another sign to them that times have changed and it’s a different era. At the same time, it was said to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Vince McMahon still sees women in the role that they’re currently in on WWE’s main roster.

Lasher’s View: I am going to place this news among least surprising news ever. It is very clear based on how the women have been treated on the main roster that Vince McMahon has little to no respect for women’s wrestling. That attitude trickles down to the fans as well. As I stood in line for food at WrestleMania 31 and heard a match starting, the guy behind me said, “Who cares. It is just a women’s match!” It is an long standing attitude created with shows like “Total Divas” and with the limited time on the main roster for the female wrestlers to show their actual skill.

The frustrating aspect is NXT has shown that the WWE Roster on the women’s side is extremely talented. You could make the argument that the best match at the last three NXT Specials (Charlotte-Banks, Fatal Four Way and Banks-Lynch) was the best match of each show. I remember when I attended the NXT show in San Jose and one of the loudest cheers of the night was when the Women’s Title Match was announced as being next. When has that ever happened on Raw or Smackdown?

Since the WWE on their corporate site states 35% of their audience is female, you think Vince would want to cater to that demographic. The attention the WWE got for using Ronda Rousey, a huge box office draw, should be proof that females can be marketed into being big money makers. Let us hope that the new philosophy of Stephanie and Triple H, in terms of the treatment of their female stars, changes the outdated status quo.

Will the WWE main roster ever change how it treats its female wrestlers? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!