Spirit Squad Members (Kenny & Mikey) Moved To “Alumni” Section

Kenny Dykstra and Mike “Mikey” Mondo, members of the all-male cheerleader wrestling faction The Spirit Squad, are no longer part of World Wrestling Entertainment’s roster.

Kenny and Mikey returned to WWE in the latter part of 2016, during The Miz and Dolph Ziggler’s feud. Ziggler used to be a member of The Spirit Squad when they debuted in 2006. He was called Nicky then. Miz brought back Kenny and Mikey of The Spirit Squad during his feud with Ziggler in order to remind Ziggler of his past and play mind games with him.

Kenny and Mikey were last seen on WWE television on November 15, 2016 when they took part in a 16-Man Tag Team Match which was pretty much a tune-up match for Team Smackdown’s Tag Teams going into Survivor Series.

Kenny and Mikey’s profiles on have now been moved from Smackdown Live’s roster page to WWE’s alumni section. Both men were never officially signed to WWE contracts this time around and were instead just working date to date, which explains why their departure from the company has been quiet.

Kenny and Mikey are currently scheduled to wrestle at this Friday’s Pro Wrestling Live event in the United Kingdom. You can check out the tweet below for more details.

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